Guitar Tricks Review 2017 – is Guitar Tricks worth the money in 2017? Find out here via our newly published Guitar Tricks breakdown.

Guitar Tricks

GuitarTricks is an online guitar lessons company that was founded in 1998. The company started as a small web content provider but has grown into a community that has hosted over a million users. The company has provided excellent guitar training material over the years and continues to grow its footprint in the market. The company has recently faced stiff competition from a newer company – Jamplay guitar lessons. Jamplay has to a huge company in a decade owing to its huge success in attracting guitar learners. The following is a short Guitar Tricks review that compares it to its main competitor, Jamplay.


Guitar Tricks has built credibility over the many years it has been in operation. It has a system of learning where there are different stages based on skill level. This is the same case with Jamplay which also allows learners who have barely any knowledge about the guitar to start from the basics. Both companies have programs of learning that include guitar genres and styles that a guitarist can use to produce different melodies. There are also popular guitar tunes that learners can use to practice and learn. There are great selections and choices of reference tools in both programs.

Mode of Instruction

Guitar Tricks’ main mode of instruction is through video lessons. Apart from recorded video lessons, there are coaches who are often on the forums and who take questions from learners and answer them directly. This is similar to Jamplay where video lessons are complemented with information from community options. Both of the platforms have hundreds of video lessons that not only give learners the core aspects but also add depth. When using the programs, the flexibility that a learner gets to choose what to learn at a particular time makes the lessons effective.

Where it shines

Guitar Tricks has all the great things that a learning platform needs. The website layout is very effective and the use of graphics is excellent. It is a relatively easy learning program and new users get used to it fast. The fact that a one-off monthly payment gives you full unlimited access to all the features is commendable. This is in contrast with many other programs that charge extra fees for some content. The access is also unlimited throughout the period paid 24/7. Jamplay has comparable content and also presents it effectively.

There are many similarities between Guitar Tricks and Jamplay, mainly because they are the top online guitar lessons providers. The cost of each platform is comparable to the other, and so are the terms. The opinions gathered from any Jamplay or guitar tricks review shows that learners give high ratings for the lessons. The value derived from using the programs is also great. Guitar Tricks makes a great effort of introducing beginners to playing. Jamplay works very well with advanced players. The choice of which platform is best is definitely a matter of preference as they are both excellent. These two great learning programs offer the best value for money and time, they are recommended for all guitar learners.

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Guitar Tricks Review 2017