Boat Paddle Ukulele Co. offers original design ukuleles for the player looking for a higher quality instrument than is generally available. We have "reinvented" the ukulele in our six basic styles: 12 Fret, A-Style, Kayak, M-Style ML-Style and Traditional/D style. These ukuleles have been designed from the inside out so that they sound as good as they look. We also offer a 14 day money-back guarantee on all the ukuleles we build. Visit our For Sale page to see what's currently available. Email us or call 573-237-5889 for more information.

12 Fret ukuleles 12 Fret   Built in concert and tenor scale lengths, the 12 Fret features very strong ultra light construction that increases sustain and volume without sacrificing sound quality. Additional features include solid wood throughout, 4 element fan bracing and integrated neck and body construction.

12 Fret ukuleles A-Style   Built in soprano and concert scale lengths, the A-Style has the same integrated neck and body solid wood construction the 12 fret, but with a larger body and total a of 20 frets. The larger body helps further refine the tone for a fuller sound.

Kayak ukuleles Kayak   Built in soprano, concert and tenor scale lengths, the Kayak is a professional quality ukulele that's strong on quality, style and great sound. The front mounted sound holes give the sound a character not found in our other instruments, and the exclusive Boat Paddle reverse heel design makes for a solid reliable go-to instrument.

M style ukuleles M-Style   Built in soprano, concert, tenor and baritone (20.25" or 19") scale lengths, the M style is a ukulele made with the serious player in mind. Classical guitar inspired bracing translates string energy into a full rich ukulele sound. The unique body profile ays "ukulele" in a brand new way.

M style ukuleles ML-Style   Built in soprano, concert and tenor scale lengths the ML style features a larger body for a fuller sound that favors the bass end of its range. This sound rounds out the expanded range of voice Boat Paddle ukuleles have as a whole.

M style ukuleles T and D-style   Built in concert and tenor scale lengths, T style ukuleles are patterned off Martin's classic design, but include BP's canrilevered neck joint and 4 element fan bracing. The D style features an exclusive body shape and shares the reverse heel neck joint found in the Kayak.

Recent work
Below are detail photos of previously built instruments.

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