Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks 2017 – review and comparison of these two top online guitar lesson providers. Which is best provider in 2017?


Are you a music enthusiast looking for the best online website to help you master guitar-playing techniques? Today, there are many digital materials readily available to help different individuals at different levels from beginners to advanced learners master skills at an affordable cost or even at no cost at all. Jamplay and Guitar Tricks are the two most popular websites with thousands of materials and highly qualified teachers as well as high rating by previous and current users. Unfortunately, you may be required to subscribe to access the materials, which makes it necessary to choose one. In this guide, you will learn what makes them the best as well as their differences to help you make the right choice.

General Overview

Jamplay is a resourceful platform that offers over 5000 guitar lessons in high definition for various levels ranging from beginners to advanced, country and heavy metal. The lessons are filmed with multiple HD cameras and you can access them on any mobile device or computer. Jamplay has four sections with every section covering a different thing including genre lessons, fundamental skills, songwriting and real popular songs. The platform also has an artist series that features real high-quality lessons from professional guitarists as well as a forum that you can use to communicate with the Jamplay society. Jamplay also contains a host of styles that include rock, fingerpicking folk, indie rock, gypsy jazz, blues and pop among others.

Guitar Tricks is an all-inclusive learning platform for all people irrespective of their playing skills from beginners to advanced users. The platform contains over 11,000 lessons, dozens of instructors, and over 100 expanded artist categories to inspire you. Guitar Tricks also has a helpful Jam Station tool that will let you access tracks samples at various tempos and keys. The platform also contains other resourceful tools that are important for producing etudes such as fingerboard trainer, cord and scale finders, and a metronome. Guitar Tricks also gets regular updates that make it highly attractive, modern and friendly to learners.

Platform Effectiveness

Jamplay has a dashboard that lets you see your last three videos for easy catch up on your last training. You will also find a resourceful help with lessons section on the forum that you can use to learn from other users various details such as what specific lessons are suitable for different skill levels in various styles and genres. The platform also has a live chat feature that you can use to ask questions in a chat room. Another important feature is the live instructor Q and A schedule section that lets you see when instructors are live for a workshop style session. Jamplay lessons are broken into four categories that include Phase 1 for fundamentals, Phase 2 for a specific skill, Phase 3 for songs and Phase 4 for writing songs.

Guitar Tricks offers a fun way to learn guitar with very clear lessons that are easy to understand for different individuals at every level. The Guitar Tricks lessons are broken into beginner lessons, experienced lessons, learn to play songs and learn styles of guitar.


Both Jamplay and Guitar Tricks are subscription-based platforms. Jamplay has a monthly subscription of $19.95 with a 30-day money back guarantee. Guitar Tricks also costs $19.95 per month but also has a free basic membership with limited tutorials access.



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Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks 2017