henderson Not only is this instrument sculpturally beautiful, but it's tone is incredibly pure and the sound just goes on forever. Jerry has managed to take a small instrument and turned it into something new. It's become my favourite go-to song composition instrument.

Judith plays a mahogany and spruce ML tenor built in 2012. It's features M.O.P. position markers with Judith's pen nib logo

Requiem for a Soldier -music by Band of Brothers

I have been playing harmonicas for more than 30 years. I picked up an ukulele about 7 years ago and have been enjoying beating out tunes at some local jams and festivals. Like most ukesters whove been at it awhile, UAS got a hold of me too. The Boat Paddle ukes are among the best Ive acquired, 4 total so far!

I currenty play my dream uke, a 5-string M style walnut and spruce concert; it's my everyday favorite. I also play an 8 string narra and spruce soprano (shown in picture).

dawgs Thom and David form the duo "Flea Bitten Dawgs". Their songs include original and popular music of the 60's and 70's. They have two albums and can be seen playing at venues in Missouri, Indiana and other stops around the midwest

David plays a baritone M style with red spruce top and walnut back and sides, and Thom plays a Boat Paddle original #2 tenor with sitka spruce top and pecan back and sides. He just added an ebony and spruce Martin style BP to his collection

Dream a Little Dream

vox Victoria plays a baritone M style with bees wing mahogany top and curly koa back and sides. She's currently working on a "52 Original Song Project. You can here more at victoriavox.com.

Mon Coeur Vide -music and lyrics by Victoria Vox

wolfe The guitar and I never got along. My short stubby fingers couldn't reach around the wide necks and got in the way of the strings on the narrow necks. The first time I picked up a uke, I knew I'd found my instrument. After a lot of thought, I chose Jerry to build a uke for me. He was patient enough while I badgered him about the woods, shape, build and finish that would give my soprano the warmest tone possible. The sound of the Kayak exceeded my expectations from the first day, long before it started to mellow with age. I DO believe Jerry thought I was nuts when I told him I was stringing it with Seaguar fishing line, I told him it led to catchy tunes. He wasn't amused.

I don't consider myself a uke player. I more bang on it like it's a little guitar, but I guess that fits my composing style. And come to think of it, I'm really not a songwriter either. I'm more of a songwronger.

Keven plays a mahogany and cedar soprano Kayak built in 2009. It's a basic model with pearl markers and head plate logo

Tall Drink of Water -music and lyrics by Kevin Wolfe

While most people aspire to be the star on the stage, Jonathan Moody has made a name for himself under it. A veteran of the Southwest Michigan theatre circuit, Jon brings a musical voice thatís rooted in a wide variety of styles, helping him bring an authenticity to every note he plays. Combine that with his rock solid reliability (musically and professionally) and itís easy to see why heís the first person Music Directors contact when hiring a pit.

Never one to turn down a gig in his younger years, Jon found himself playing funk, rock, jazz, dixieland, and even backed a bell choir and polka band. Drawing from his experiences has given Jon a unique voice on the instrument, the ability to sit in the background and fully support the style he is performing, and yet keep a whimsical attitude present in every note he plays. One thing sits upfront however; Jon loves to play.

Currently residing in Kalamazoo, Jon is an endorsing artist for a number of companies, a staff writer for Bass Musician Magazine, and a freelance musician in the West Michigan area, still playing for whoever asks first. Jon can be heard at Unity Church of Kalamazoo every Sunday, supporting regional folk act Patricia Pettinga on ukulele and string bass, or at any of the theatres in town depending on their season. His spare time includes drinking coffee, staying in his wifeís good graces and playing the ukulele for his giggling baby girl.

Jon plays a 5 string concert M style with mahogany top and curly maple back and sides. It has a pearl finger board inlay of his baby girl's foot print.

"Roy Wood is a member of the Dallas Ukulele Headquarters whose membership now numbers 590 ukers from acress the nation. DUH sponsors 4-5 meetups every month from Absolute beginners to opeen mic events where ukers can showcase their talent. Roy's custom 5-sting Kayak is the envy of the Kanikapila Island Strummers Hawaiin group, as is his M style baritone when he hosts the weekly meetings of the Baritone Group at his home in Addison Texas. Roy loves working with wood and making Native American flutes.

"Rich is not a ukulele player. He instead plays "Delta Blues inspired music" on guitar in and around the Kansas City Missouri area. BPUC does make an occasional guitar, and in this case, it's a parlor size (24" scale length) with spruce top, mahogany back and sides and koa binding. About his guitar, Rich says: "This is the most amazing acoustic I have ever played".

Walk on Water -music and lyrics by Rich Berry

"I love the ukulele! It looks amazing and plays beautifully. It's reassuring to know craftsmanship still exists."

Michael plays a all mahogany M Style tenor

David Lowry "I enjoyed visiting your shop and buying my ukulele from the craftsman who made it. That doesn't happen very often these days. I am quickly adjusting to the diminutive instrument and I continue to be impressed with the tone, action & build quality. The fun factor alone is worth the price! My guitar now feels huge & I find myself reaching for the uke when I'm feeling musical. The music world needs more artisans & fewer mass-producers. Thanks for doing your part so well! Happy customer."

Anne Tan "I received my ukulele yesterday. I just want to thank you for building the most beautiful and best-sounding ukulele I have ever played. Everything I want is there--volume, sustain, clarity, brightness and rich tone! I can hear the treble overtones even with the low G string, and the 5 strings bring out the rich tones so beautifully. I can even feel the neck vibrating. The ukulele is perfect for me and I intend to play it very regularly for many, many years."

Fred Ewanuick "I just wanted to say how much I love the Ukulele you made for me. It's the jewel of my collection. My go to Uke. The sound is unmatched, the quality top notch."

Randy Westbrook "Itís here! And it looks and sounds fantastic. I canít believe the sustain on this uke. It just keeps ringing! I couldnít be happier."

TJ Roman "I'm not sure whether to play it or put it behind glass, it's a work of art Jerry! The neck is spot on perfect, thickness, weight, everything I wanted."

Brad Griffith "Jerry--Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new uke. The sound is so clean and crisp and I am amazed at the volume range I can get without losing that sound."

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